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Success Street

The Success Street staff is made up of friendly and caring people who are ready to help and keep youth healthy. You can trust them to confidentially assist you and your family with whatever services are needed. The success of youth is important and the Success Street staff is dedicated to making sure youth are mentally and physically able to concentrate on school and their future. Working together we can see them succeed!

What we do

Health Care Services

Doctors and nurses are available to provide school or sport physicals, well-checks, immunizations, other preventative and health maintenance medical services on-site during the school day.

Mental Health Counseling & Services

Services are available during the school day addressing a variety of mental health needs through assessment and individual therapy.

Adolescent Sexual Health Education & Services

Certified adolescent sexual health educators are available to meet individually with students who may have questions or concerns regarding their sexual health. Pregnancy tests and sexually transmitted disease screening is available.

Relationship Education, Dating Violence & Sexual Assault Education

Providers offer confidential services to those affected by sexual assault and domestic violence.

Substance Use Prevention & Education

Support, education, and services are offered to students who may be struggling with mental health or addiction. Pathways offers tools for recovery and prevention.

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